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men's hairDo you think you know all there is to know about men’s hair? The truth is you probably do not. There are numerous misconceptions about men’s hair; some that you most likely didn’t know weren’t true. Here are five misconceptions about men’s hair exposed:

  1. Tight Ball Caps Make You Go Bald

Ball caps have nothing to do with going bald. Wearing a tight cap won’t make you lose your hair. The main variables that can cause baldness are ones that you have no influence over, for example, genetics, hormones, and medical conditions.

  1. Dandruff Is Caused by Dry Scalp

It’s hard to miss flakes on a dark shirt and not assume were brought on by a dry scalp, particularly in the wintertime when your skin’s dry. In any case, dandruff is really brought about by too much yeast on your scalp. When you get dandruff, use dandruff shampoo, not the conditioner.

  1. Shampoos Eventually Stop Working

Consistently using the same shampoo everyday will cause it to stop working, right? Not true. You can use the same shampoo as long as you want and it will continue to clean your hair. It’s actually hair products like gels and mousse that will build up over time. Whenever you have product build up you should use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of it.

  1. Stress Causes Gray Hair

Stress won’t make you go gray. Your family history and hereditary qualities play a much bigger part in when you’ll turn gray. While elevated amounts of stress may bring about oxidative harm to cells that produce pigment, it’s improbable that stress is what’s making you a silver fox.

  1. You Can Train Your Hair

You may have heard that if you need to lose a cowlick, or get your hair into the right style, you have to “retrain” your hair to lie a specific way. The truth of the matter is that you can’t retrain your hair. Your hair does not have a memory like your muscles do. The follicles decide what way your hair will grow. However, you can teach yourself to be more efficient in hair styling.

Guys, finding out the truth about your hair can be both good or bad but there is one myth you don’t have to be worried about and that is that nothing can be done about hair loss. If you’re suffering from hair loss Custom Hair Tampa Bay can most definitely help you. Click here to schedule your free consultation.


Photo Credit: moisemarian Via Pixabay